Dr. Abdullah Altwergi


Dr. Abdullah Altwairgi is Consultant Medical Oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Center, King Fahad
Medical city in Riyadh. His current practice involves treatment of patients with Breast, lung and CNS
Dr Altwairgi graduated from Medical College, King Abdulaziz University, and trained in internal medicine
at Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh. He obtained a Fellowship in Medical Oncology and undertook a
clinical fellowship in Breast and Lung Oncology at Queen's University, Canada from 2008–2011. He was
appointed as a Consultant Medical Oncologist at King Fahad Medical city in October 2012.



Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Advanced HER2-positive/HER2-low breast cancer

Patient with brain metastasis and stable extracranial disease:  when to change antiHER2-based therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis: locoregional therapy vs systemic therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis:  T-DXd  vs.
tucatinib-based therapy
Can we use TDM1 after T-DXd 
Role of repeated biopsies to guide ADCs in HER2-low BC

Moderator:  Shereef Elsamany



Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Genomic tools in breast cancer

  •  chemotherapy in high risk lobular/mucinous BC?
  • Neoadjuvant therapy in premenopausal patients with lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy with node negative and node positive lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy in luminal BC with RS 16-25?
    Can genomic tools guide adjuvant cdk4-6 inhibitors in N0/N1 tumours??
  • Oncotype DX and selection of neoadjuvant  hormonal vs chemotherapy  therapy
  • Role of interval Ki67 assessment with neoadjuvant  hormonal therapy

Moderator: Ahmed Alshehri