Dr. Ahmed Saadeldine


Dr. Saadeddin is currently the Chairman of Department of Oncology at Specialized Medical Center-
Riyadh, KSA with a special interest in Metastatic Breast and Prostate Cancers. Previously, he served as

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Clinical Tutor and Education Supervisor at the Oncology Department of
King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh. In addition, he was an
Assistant Professor of Oncology at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh.
Prior to this, he was At Prince Sultan Medical Military City between 2000 and 2013 where he served as
Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Clinical Tutor and Director of Oncology for many years. Dr. Saadeddin
has completed his training in Clinical Oncology at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, and he was
the first Physician from the Gulf region to obtain the Royal College Fellowship in Clinical Oncology in
Dr. Saadeddin is very much involved in many national, regional and International Educational Activities
related to Breast and Prostate Cancers, he has delivered more than 200 presentations in clinical
oncology at national, regional and international platforms. Currently he is a member of many Oncology
organizations, and he sets on many national and regional guideline groups for breast and prostate
cancers, also he is a member of almost all research groups addressing breast and prostate cancer in
region. Dr. Saadeddin’s dream is to see oncology patients served with quality and equity. His
longstanding passion towards the initiation of a patient support and advocacy program by the name;
(WE CARE) is an effort to see this dream coming true.


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Advanced HER2-positive/HER2-low breast cancer

Patient with brain metastasis and stable extracranial disease:  when to change antiHER2-based therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis: locoregional therapy vs systemic therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis:  T-DXd  vs.
tucatinib-based therapy
Can we use TDM1 after T-DXd 
Role of repeated biopsies to guide ADCs in HER2-low BC

Moderator:  Shereef Elsamany



Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Transition from hormonal-based to chemotherapy in metastatic BC??

  • Patients with early progression on CDK4-6 inhibitors: What is next??
  • When to start ADCs/olaparib in patients who had visceral crisis?? Can be upfront??
  • Any role of hormonal monotherapy after CDK4-6 inhibitors??
  • Biomarkers to guide subsequent therapies
  • Can we use one ADC after previous ADC??

Moderator:  Dr. Ahmed Alfaraj