Dr. Ahmed Zeeneldine


Prof Ahmed Zeeneldin
Consultant of Medical Oncology @ King Abdulla Medical City, Makkah, KSA
Professor of Medical Oncology, Cairo univ - NCI, Egypt
Main interests: Breast, Lymphomas, sarcomas and melanomas
Several peer-reviewed international publications,
conference presentations, posters and abstracts


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Genomic tools in breast cancer

  •  chemotherapy in high risk lobular/mucinous BC?
  • Neoadjuvant therapy in premenopausal patients with lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy with node negative and node positive lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy in luminal BC with RS 16-25?
    Can genomic tools guide adjuvant cdk4-6 inhibitors in N0/N1 tumours??
  • Oncotype DX and selection of neoadjuvant  hormonal vs chemotherapy  therapy
  • Role of interval Ki67 assessment with neoadjuvant  hormonal therapy

Moderator: Ahmed Alshehri