Dr. Emad Tashkandi


Emad Tashkandi MBBS, ABIM, FRCPC, (Dip) ClinEpi
Associate Professor, Umm AlQura University (UQU).
Consultant Medical Oncologist, King Abdullah Medical City.


Saturday 4-5-2024 Day 2

Perioperative therapy in Gastric cancer

  • Role of laparoscopy assessment before perioperative therapy?
  • What to do in patients with poor response to neoadjuvant therapy?
  • Role of biomarkers e.g MSI in decision-making before perioperative therapy?
  • Patients with limited peritoneal metastasis: Role of HIPEC?
  • Role of immunetherapy with perioperative therapy non-metastatic gastric cancer?

Moderator:  Dr. Fahad Ibnshamsah