Dr. Essam Murshid


Esam Mohammad Murshid, MD, MSc, MBA, FRCR
Consultant Medical Oncologist and Director Oncology Center
Prince Sultan Medical Military City
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologist, Faculty of Clinical Oncology, London Uk

Cofounder and past president of the Saudi Oncology Society SOS

Member of the of The Saudi National Oncology institute Advisory Board

Member of the Saudi Cancer Registry Board

Chairman of the Ministry of Defense Health Services Department Oncology Services Permanent Supervisory Committee.

Reviewer for the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA).

Past Chairman of the medical advisory committee for total quality management and patient safety at PSMMC.

Co-founder of the saudi board of medical oncology under the saudi commission of health specialties amd member of the 1st training board.

Founding member of many charitable cancer societies.

Co-founder of the national breast cancer screening program under the ministry of health and chairman of the Scientific advisory committee.

Member of the national executive cancer control committee under the saudi council of health.

Past Consultant and advisor at saudi commission health specialties and member of the scientific societies board .

Past Director and lecturer for the MOH cancer training program for primary care physicians courses and senior consultant for MOH cancer control program.


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Advanced HER2-positive/HER2-low breast cancer

Patient with brain metastasis and stable extracranial disease:  when to change antiHER2-based therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis: locoregional therapy vs systemic therapy
Patient with active brain metastasis:  T-DXd  vs.
tucatinib-based therapy
Can we use TDM1 after T-DXd 
Role of repeated biopsies to guide ADCs in HER2-low BC

Moderator:  Shereef Elsamany