Dr. Sherif Kullab


Dr. Sharif KULLAB is Consultant Medical Oncologist, and Program Director for Adult Medical Oncology :
King Saud University/ Riyadh.
Working at Oncology Center / King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC) since June 2016.
After his “MD Medical Thesis” in 2006, he did his medical training in the Field of Medical Oncology, and
Fellowship at Jean Perrin Comprehensive Cancer Center (CJP) in Clermont Ferrand / France.
• He has full registration at The French General Medical Council since 2015.
• Worked as consultant medical oncology at CJP/ Clermont Ferrand
• Then he was Head of Department of Oncology at Moulins Hospital in France.
• During his working in France, he was actively participating in clinical researches and was
investigator / coinvestigator in different national and international clinical trials (like: META2 Study
2013, NUTRICANCER 2012 study, PEPS 2015, CIROCO 2016, BinOcrite®, PYXEL 2016, TOPAZE 2016,
Zarzio®, Study ML 22229 – Avataxer 2011, Study TVA 2011, CURRYTAX Study 2011, TENEO Study 2011,
AU651 (3+3) Study 2011, NEOZOL Study 2011, MARIANNE Study 2011, ROSIA Study 2011, LUX Breast 3
Study 2011, StoRM (SNPs to Risk Metastasis) 2011, KAMILIA Study 2012, KATHERINE Study 2012,
ProMETheX 2012, BELLE 2 Study, Etude PERTAIN, APHINITY Study, AcSé CRIZOTINIB study (2015-2016),
ANTHALIA study (2015-2016), Belle 3 study (2015-2016), COMET study (2015-2016), MENOCOR STUDY
(2015-2016), INES STUDY (2015-2016), SOLAR-1 (2015-2016), ..
• He is MRCP UK Medical Oncology,
• and certified from Gustave Roussy Institute (IGR) / Paris Universities with:
- Certificate of Clinical Carcinology (DUCC) / Gustave Roussy Institut (IGR) at Villejuif, Paris
(Faculty of Medicine Paris Sud 11), France.
- Certificate of Thoracic Oncology (Marseille, Strasbourg, Montpellier), University of Montpellier1,
- Certificate of Breast Diseases, Breast Diseases Center – Saint Louis Hospital, University of Paris
Diderot – Paris7, France.
- Certificate of Specialized Medical Oncology (Attestation de Formation Spécialisée (AFS) en
Oncologie Medicale), Auvergne University / Clermont Ferrand/ France.
- Certificate of Digestive Cancerology, University of Paris Descartes – Sorbonne Paris Cité.
- European Certificate of Gynecology and Mammary Cancers, University of Paris Descartes –
Sorbonne Paris Cité, Pr Fabrice LECURU.


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Transition from hormonal-based to chemotherapy in metastatic BC??

  • Patients with early progression on CDK4-6 inhibitors: What is next??
  • When to start ADCs/olaparib in patients who had visceral crisis?? Can be upfront??
  • Any role of hormonal monotherapy after CDK4-6 inhibitors??
  • Biomarkers to guide subsequent therapies
  • Can we use one ADC after previous ADC??

Moderator:  Dr. Ahmed Alfaraj