Dr. Abdulsalam Alnajar


Dr. Abdul Salam Najjar is a Consultant internal medicine, hematology and medical oncology and the
Head of GI/Melanoma medical oncology unit at Kuwait Caner Control Center.
Head of oncology college in Kuwait
Finished internal medicine at McMaster university in Hamilton Canada 2007, hematology and medical
oncology fellowship with gastrointestinal oncology subspecialty program in Ottawa university Canada
Certified American and Canadian board internal medicine. Certified American board hematology and
medical oncology


Saturday 4-5-2024 Day 2

Pancreatic cancer

  • Neoadjuvant therapy in resectable/borderline resectable pancreatic cancer
  • Best neoadjuvant strategy
  • 1st line and subsequent therapies in pancreatic cancer: Doublet vs Triplets
  • biomarkers for metastatic patients

Moderator: Dr. Abdullah Alsharm



Saturday 4-5-2024 Day 2

Challenges and dynamics of oncology health care

  • Financial toxicities and economic burden
  • Delayed access to oncology care
  • Cancer survivors: challenges and special requirements
  • Integration of service with primary health care for cancer survivors

Moderator: Dr. Esam Murshid