Dr. Fadi Farhat


Fadi Farhat, MD, HHMBA
Professor of Medicine
Hammoud Hospital UMC, Saida, Lebanon
Since his graduation from Paris, France in 1995, Dr. Fadi Farhat has been appointed as chairman of
hematology-oncology departments of several hospitals across Lebanon beside his teaching activity at
different medical faculty of universities
Dr. Farhat holds 6 diplomas from different universities of Paris:
• Cancerology
• Oncological pharmacology
• Medical oncology
• Hematological diseases
• Breast diseases
• Health and hospital management master.
Dr. Farhat is actual president of the
• “CRG-CG”: Cancer Research Group - Collaborative Group.
• “R-GIG”: Rare Gastro-Intestinal Working Group - MENA region.
• “Wcare”: Cancer Aid, Research, And Education, a non-profit organization.
Dr. Farhat is the former president of the “Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology” and a co-founder and
treasurer of the “AMCI”: Africa Middle East Cancer Intergroup.
Finally, Dr. Farhat is active in the field of clinical research participating in many international and
registration trials in breast lung and others indication and authored more than 100 international peer
reviewed articles.


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Oncologists/pathologists dialogue TILS and descalation of systemic therapy in early breast cancer?


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Transition from hormonal-based to chemotherapy in metastatic BC??

  • Patients with early progression on CDK4-6 inhibitors: What is next??
  • When to start ADCs/olaparib in patients who had visceral crisis?? Can be upfront??
  • Any role of hormonal monotherapy after CDK4-6 inhibitors??
  • Biomarkers to guide subsequent therapies
  • Can we use one ADC after previous ADC??

Moderator:  Dr. Ahmed Alfaraj