Dr. Nasr Al-lahloubi


Nasr Al Lahloubi is a Professor Emeritus of medical oncology at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo
University. He has been graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in November 1980, and
received his MSc, & MD degrees from Cairo University (1985,& 1991). He completed 6 months training
fellowship in managent of infections in immunocompromised host at NCI, NIH, Besthesda, Maryland,
USA, June 25th-December 25th, 1992. He is an active member of many international societies; ESMO,
ASCO, ASH, EASO, and the current secretory general of the Egyptian Universities Promotion
Committees (EUPC, Committee number 83, 2 successive rounds: 11th & 12th). He has many national &
international publications and educational presentations and international poster in SABCS, ASCO, and
ESMO. He is leading the scientific meetings of the medical oncology department, National Cancer
Institute, 2013-present. He is the MD program director between 2013-2018 and a member for external
evaluation committee for the MD examination. He is also a member of the Higher Committee of
Medical Specialties; Egyptian Fellowship Board; Medical Oncology; Ministry of Health.



Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Oncologists/pathologists dialogue TILS and descalation of systemic therapy in early breast cancer?


Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Genomic tools in breast cancer

  •  chemotherapy in high risk lobular/mucinous BC?
  • Neoadjuvant therapy in premenopausal patients with lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy with node negative and node positive lobular BC?
    Adjuvant therapy in luminal BC with RS 16-25?
    Can genomic tools guide adjuvant cdk4-6 inhibitors in N0/N1 tumours??
  • Oncotype DX and selection of neoadjuvant  hormonal vs chemotherapy  therapy
  • Role of interval Ki67 assessment with neoadjuvant  hormonal therapy

Moderator: Ahmed Alshehri



Friday 3-5-2024 Day 1

Transition from hormonal-based to chemotherapy in metastatic BC??

  • Patients with early progression on CDK4-6 inhibitors: What is next??
  • When to start ADCs/olaparib in patients who had visceral crisis?? Can be upfront??
  • Any role of hormonal monotherapy after CDK4-6 inhibitors??
  • Biomarkers to guide subsequent therapies
  • Can we use one ADC after previous ADC??

Moderator:  Dr. Ahmed Alfaraj